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How to Announce Good News

You are going to find what you look for in life. Bad news is easy to find. Good news is a bit harder, but if you look for it, you can still find it. What if you have some good news to share? Have you ever wondered how to announce good news? (Aside from just blurting it out.)

What if you have some news about a major life event? How do you announce that good news? These days many people use social media, which is good. I am personally a sucker for baby pictures and wedding pictures. I like seeing people happy. Sometimes, you need something a bit more official and formal, though.

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How to Announce Good News the Classy Way

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I confess I’m really bad at mailing out things. Sometimes when you want to announce good news, it’s nice to give people a small keepsake. That’s why we mail out wedding invitations, birth announcements, and Christmas cards. I love getting all these things in the mail. I often save them for years to come, especially when they feature pictures of people that I care about.

When it comes to sending them, I’m not so hot.

The Problem With Announcing Good News in the Mail

What gets me is collecting addresses and the time that it takes to sign everything and send it. I want to write a personal little note to everyone when I do cards the traditional way. After I get a huge stack of them, it never fails that I can’t find the addresses.

The Solution: A Free Website that Collects them For You from Basic Invites

Basic Invites recently reached out to me, and I must say that I was impressed with their large range of products. One of which is free websites for:

  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Memorials
  • parties

These websites are optimized for all types of platforms (mobile, computer, tablet), collect addresses, digital RSVPs, match your printed invitations, and include maps, registries, social links, and photo galleries.

They also have free guest address printing services.

I might actually get Christmas Cards this year that get mailed out instead of staying in the boxes!

The New Time-Saving Way to Announce Good News

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If you are trying to figure out how to announce your good news, here are some unique things that you can do with Basic Invites (which is much more than basic)

  • Customize your colors – like me, you may want to have custom invites with your wedding colors, or maybe even the colors of your baby’s room. They have 180 colors to choose from and they show you a preview of what your invite or announcement will look like.
  • Custom samples – There are some things that I just don’t order online because I’m not sure about the quality. I want to feel the quality of the paper, and I want to be sure the colors on the actual paper look like the ones on my computer screen. Basic Invites sends you custom samples so that you can see and feel what you are getting so you don’t end up with 100+ of something to share with your friends and family that’s not right.
  • 40 Different colors of envelopes – Let’s face it, for the most part, envelopes are rather “blah.” 90% of them are white and they blend in with everything else. Occasionally, I’ll get a card in a colored envelope and I always notice it first. With this many color options – your envelope is sure to stand out from the crowd of white envelopes in the mailbox.
  • Foil options – You know what else stands out? A little bit of bling. That’s where these foil options come in.
  • All Kinds of Occasions including new baby announcements, twin baby announcements, Christmas card birth announcements, birthday party invites, shower invites, save the date cards, business cards, and stationary.

(15% off with coupon code: 15FF51)

Take a look at some of the examples of their work:

(Forgive me while I plunge into baby fever for a moment…)

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But What If Your Good News To Announce is Not a Special Occasion?

I will admit to being a bit old fashioned and like the occasional handwritten note in the mail, which is why I liked Basic Invite’s stationery. However, not all good news needs to be announced in a written format. What are some other ways to announce good news?

How to Announce Good News on Social Media

Most of the time, posts with pictures get more attention on social media. You can either set a little scene, or share pictures of the good news. Generally, for things that are not big life events this is how I share good news with the majority of the people I know. It’s quick and easy, plus it’s great re-reading all the comments and seeing come up on a Time-Hop.

How to Announce Good News to Your Family

The best baby announcement that I did was about my pregnancy with my second son. My grandfather’s health was failing and we had just lost my grandmother. It was to be our first Christmas without her. I went to my grandfather’s house privately and told him that I was expecting, but that I had not told my Mom. I invited him in on the scheme to tell her – at his house on Christmas. He was delighted and called me at least once a week to check on me and ask if plans were still on. It gave him a reason to look forward to Christmas that year.

How I announced my good news to my family

I got a regular (non-breakable) ornament and simply wrote on it with a black sharpie “Baby’s First Christmas” and dated it with the next year. I wrapped it up and gave it to her on Christmas Day at his house. It took her a minute, but when she realized what it meant, she screamed so loudly that it scared my older son.

She later said that she looked over at her Dad to see how he was taking the news, and saw him grinning ear to ear. “He already knows.” she realized.

That was the last Christmas with my grandfather, and that memory will forever be stuck in my mind.

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Sharing good news makes others happy. Sometimes your good news is what gives others hope in their storm.

Other Ways to Announce Good News to Your Family

What if the good news that you want to announce has nothing to do with babies, marriage, or a major life event? This varies from family to family, but since my parents are close by, I like to go see them and tell them face to face. This works best if I tell them the good news BEFORE I post it on social media.

If your family is rather spread out, you could also announce your good news in a group message, or text, or on a group video call. The looks on their faces are priceless. Telling them your good news is just one way to show them you care.

How to Announce Good News at Work

Announcing good news at work is an entirely different situation. A large part of it will depend on how formal your work environment is, as well as your position.

If your good news is of a personal nature, it might be best to tell a few close colleagues in person. Good news does not spread quite as fast as bad news, but it does spread.

If your good news is more business-related, then you could send out an email to those directly involved. For example, if your good news is that your sales team brought in the most money, you could send out an email thanking them for their hard work, express your appreciation, the good news, and a few motivating words to continue striving for excellence.

Why You Should Announce Good News

Announcing good news should be done with care and not in a bragging manner. Share the good news with others in the spirit of sharing your joy. I love seeing baby pictures on social media. It makes me happy for the parents and brings back sweet memories of my own babies.

I like the customization of Basic Invites cards because I like getting things in the mail. I also have a habit of holding on to things like baby announcements, and wedding announcements because I love the pictures on them, but more than that, I love the people that chose to announce and share their good news with me.

What is your favorite way to share good news? Leave me a comment below!

P. S. I hope to have some good news to share with you shortly, but it’s not a wedding or a baby! I’ve had my turn with those. 🙂

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