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Hello Friends!  I’m Jennifer,  the face behind most of the words that you read at Contentment Questing.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I started Contentment Questing in November of 2017 (On Black Friday, of all days!)  Blogging was something that had been on my mind for some time, but like most things there came a breaking point.  I had and still have a great life.  My wonderful husband Shanon, is the love of my life.   We have 2 sweet sons who are 11 and 7.

My Background

I taught high school for 3 years before deciding to become a stay at home Mom when I had my oldest son. When my youngest son started approaching kindergarten age, I started praying for some guidance about what to do in the next phase of my life.  I thought I’d either go back to teaching or maybe a girl would be nice?

Funny how sometimes the Lord has plans for a person that gives exactly what you ask for but in an entirely different way.  I prayed for a girl, I got a girl alright… but she was 85 years old! An elderly family member needed someone to care for her, as she was getting unable to take care of herself.  As a stay at home mom, I was the only one in the family that was in a position to do that.  I’m not alone, I have an incredibly supportive family and we all work together to make sure she’s taken care of, but I am the one that spends the most time with her.

My Struggle

Change is often hard, and this was no exception.   I felt vastly unqualified and scared.  The right thing is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile.  This was not something that I saw coming, so I struggled with it.  I struggled with anger and a bit of resentment towards the Lord.  “Really, God?  I asked you for a girl and THIS is your answer?  Is this a joke?!  This is not what I had in mind at all!”   Luckily, we serve a very patient and forgiving God.

I was riding her bike close to her house for a bit of exercise when it dawned on me that if I wasn’t happy, then I was responsible for changing it.  My happiness was my responsibility.  I realized that I had to start questing for my own contentment, and I knew that I could find it regardless of the circumstance I was in.  I silently breathed an apology to the Lord for my resentment and anger, and did what I should have done months before: I asked for help.

Changing My Attitude

I started viewing my circumstances as an opportunity for personal growth.  I started asking “What can I learn from this?  How can this teach me to be a better person?”  instead of “Why me?”  or “Look what I have to put up with.”   I reignited my passion for learning.

Without her, Contentment Questing would not even have been on my radar.  I needed a creative outlet, a project and for my world to be a bit bigger.   I wanted some interaction with other people and I wanted to INSPIRE people again.  Encouraging people became not just something on the side, but what I got my fulfillment from.  I wanted to help others through things in their every day lives. We all need to be reminded to not take the little things for granted.  Contentment Questing is about learning to be happy and content with where ever you are in your own life.  Contentment and happiness are journeys. 

It is not a place that you suddenly get to and think “I like it here, I think I’ll stay here for the rest of my life!”  Life is ever changing.  The secrets to being happy and content are simple, but not something that just happens either. They have to be chased after and it is a continual quest to find them.  That’s where the name of the blog “Contentment Questing” comes from.

Learning As I Go

Little by little, I learned as I went, and I am still learning today.  I hope that you are too because we never get too old for the school of life.  When I found myself again, I ignited a spark in myself that I had forgotten was even there.  I have a passion for inspiring and encouraging people.  That’s what I hope you find in my blog.  I started blogging to help other people.  Perhaps, like myself, you have a good life, but you don’t enjoy it?  I’ve been there.  Life’s too short for that.

The Pearl Perspective Book

During the spring of 2018, a strange thing happened.  I had this idea for a book that kept popping into my head.  Me? Write a book? Haha! Good one!  But I found the desire not only in my head but on my heart as well, so I sat down and wrote out an outline, and then began typing.  The chapters came easily.   Words just flowed on to the screen as my fingers bounced on the keys putting in writing the things that were on my heart.

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“The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life”  is meant to be a personal development book that is fun to read.  As I said before, life is too short to just go through the motions and not enjoy it.  You may not be exactly where you want to be in life, and that’s ok.  But I believe that you can find contentment wherever you are at.  I believe that there are certain things that you can do to start getting more out of the life that you already have and to put yourself in a position where you can move forward.  Friends, I want you to live happier, love deeper and have a more fulfilled life than ever before.  That’s what “The Pearl Perspective” is all about.

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