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Hi! I’m Jennifer. I’m here to help you find the joy in your life that you have been looking for.   I believe that life is too short to spend simply grinding away, going through the motions and feeling unfulfilled.  I want you to have a full life that you are happy and content with while finding the courage to pursue your dreams.  Consider me your online friend in the world of Christian based online personal development and growth.  How can I help you today?

Contentment Questing Courses

Improve Your Patience

Patience is a virtue because it is an exercise in self-control.  That’s not always easy, but there are many benefits to developing patience. Learn how to master it for a more peaceful life!

More Personal Growth

Personal growth is an ongoing journey for each of us.  Find the best articles on the blog to help you in your personal development journey today! 

More personal growth/development

Time Management

Just like money, time has a tendency to slip away unless we plan how to spend it. Learn how to increase your productivity, improve your focus and get more done in less time! 

Kids, Relationships, And Family Life

Our spouses, our kids and other family members are some of the most important people in our lives.  Make those relationships a source of joy and contentment in your life.  Communicate effectively, improve your marriage, and your relationships with your kids.  Become the spouse and parent you always dreamed of being! 

Who Is Jennifer?

Welcome to Contentment Questing! I am Jennifer, the author of “The Pearl Perspective” and the voice behind this blog. More importantly, I’m your online friend and guide in the world of personal development.  I’d love to share my story with you!

Profile Picture, Jennifer, contentment questing

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