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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Best Mom Ever – Yours!

How to Decide on the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea for The Best Mom Ever – Yours!

I am probably a little biased here, but my Mom is pretty awesome!  I’m sure that you think the same thing about yours too.  So what are some keys to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for your Mom?  I have put together a few tips on how to figure out what she really wants, as well as some recommendations in case you are really stumped!

Tips for Getting Ideas on What your Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

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Ask Her!

I have been told that I am hard to get gifts for, but I usually have something in mind for the upcoming holidays, in case anyone happens to ask.  If they want to surprise me, then that’s fine too!  I have gotten my best Mother’s Day gift ideas for my mom, straight from her.  It eliminates the guesswork and I know that I’m getting her something that she really wants and can use, instead of useless junk that she says “Thank You” for and then it sits on a shelf and collects dust.

Everyone has different tastes on this and I know that for my mom, there are often things that she wants that I would have never guessed at, such as something specific for the barn or her horses.  I have something in mind for myself that I am willing to bet that my sweet husband has NO idea about.  You know what I would like? A bicycle helmet.   Yup.   Will he ever guess that? Probably not. Not because he doesn’t know me that well (He does! He knows me better than any other person alive) but just because that thought would probably never occur to him since I ride the bicycle when he’s not around.

Skip the Hints, Just Tell Him!

If you are a mom, and there is something in particular that you want, skip the hints.  Ladies, our husbands are wonderful, but when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, the best thing to do is just tell them flat out.  Husbands appreciate this! However, do not use it to hold their feet over the fire as something they HAVE to get you.  They may have their own Mother’s Day gift ideas for you.  Treat it more as making a suggestion to him.  Say something like “Sweetheart, just in case you were needing some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for me, I would really like an X or a Y.”  Then, leave it at that and go on.

Think of Her Hobbies

Sometimes you don’t want to ask your Mom what she wants because then she’ll know what she’s getting. I understand that.  I have gone that route with my Mom before too.  Does your Mom have any hobbies or specific interests?  For my Mom, she usually loves anything that has to do with the horses and she’s a very practical type of gal. (You probably got that I take after her in that respect when I asked for the bicycle helmet, didn’t you?)

Some of the best gift ideas for my mom are things for the barn such as a thermometer, stall mats, and a muck bucket.  Something funny did happen when I gifted her the muck bucket.  She had requested it for the barn, but my kids started playing with it.  They had so much fun that she declared that it would be her new toy box for their toys at her house.  Multi-purpose for sure!

Those things might not be your Mom’s cup of Tea, and that’s ok.  Just keep her hobbies in mind when you are thinking of Mother’s Day gift ideas for her.

Consider Her Love Language

The 5 Love Languages are

  • Quality time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Ask yourself which of these would mean the most to your mom.  It may be that she would prefer that you come and visit her for Mother’s Day over getting her anything at all.  Perhaps, if her love language is Acts of Service, then she might appreciate you coming over and doing a chore for her more than anything else.  For Moms that love words of affirmation, then maybe a handwritten note with all the reasons that you love her and why she is a great Mom would mean the most to her.

In this Mother’s Day gift idea guide, I have tried to include things to fit a variety of budgets, but the truth is that you don’t have to spend a lot (or perhaps nothing at all) to give your Mom a gift on Mother’s Day that she will truly remember.

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Attention, Husbands!

Men, if your wife has little ones, one of the sweetest things that you can do for her is taking the kids for a few hours and let her have some time to herself.  Let your wife nap, or take a bubble bath undisturbed, or just spend time doing something that she loves!  Again, consider her Love Language.  What would mean the most to her?  I have had some wonderful Mother’s Days where my gift was a day trip or just a day out with the family and my husband gave me a card.  Want to guess what my main 2 love languages are?  Quality time and words of affirmation.  My husband knows this, and he catered to those.  I was very touched by his thoughtfulness.

Give her Something that the Kids Made

My mom is an amazing Grandma to my kids.  She adores them and the feeling is completely mutual!  Some of the gifts that she has cherished the most have been things that I made with the kids that feature their handprints, or footprints.  There are all kinds of memorable kid crafts that make great Mother’s Day gifts and many are very inexpensive.  I think the last thing that I gave her from them was my boys’ handprints in plaster of Paris that I had made an indent on the back of so they could be hung up.  Grandparents more than anyone else realizes how quickly the kids grow.  I think that makes them cherish those types of gifts even more than parents do.

Find something that screams “MOM!”

If you know your Mom pretty well (and odds are you do!) then sometimes you can browse around until you find that one thing that just screams her name at you.  I love finding those things because they are almost always wins.  Just spend some time thinking about her and the types of things that she likes.

If you are still stumped, allow me to make a few recommendations…

These are a few of my top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas for all kind of budgets.  Everything on here is something that I either have or would like.   I will also share a tip with you that I have learned about shopping online, but Amazon in particular…  install the Honey browser plugin. It will find an automatically apply coupons for you.  🙂

Fitbit Alta HR

This is something that I personally own and I love it!  I asked for it for as a Christmas gift idea and I have worn it nearly every single day.  I have had a few similar devices and this one is my favorite for several reasons.

  • The battery lasts for several days. I charge my Fitbit Alta HR about once every 3 days.
  • It does all the things I want it to do. I wear it to bed to track my sleep, it counts my steps, how many miles I have walked, and auto recognizes my exercise, plus it’s water resistant!
  • It is not very appealing to the kids. It’s not a traditional touchscreen.  You have to tap it, sometimes fairly hard to make it display.  When I have a kid in my lap, that is a plus!  My youngest is 6 now, but when he was younger he could not resist my smartwatch that had these neat little pictures.  He loved looking at them, and it was all well and good until he disconnected the Bluetooth and reset it to factory settings.  Took me a week to figure out why the silly thing had stopped working!
  • It’s small. When I am wearing something on my wrist if it is too bulky, I find it distracting and not that comfortable to sleep in.  I have no issues sleeping with the Fitbit Alta HR because it’s so small I hardly know it’s there.
  • It does not light up when I turn my wrist. Again, this may not sound like a good thing at first, but I had another smartwatch that would light up every time I flicked my wrist.  This proved to be very distracting while I was driving at night and it drained the battery.  I didn’t even think about sleeping in that one because the light would have been waking me up all night.

Other Reasons I love it

  • It’s social – I can connect with my friends if I choose and virtually exercise with them. Oh, my friend got 8k steps today? Let’s see if I can beat her!
  • The phone app is very good! This makes up for the very small view screen. It gives very detailed readouts of what my heart rate was when I was exercising, how long I spent in each stage of sleep, which days I met my step goal for and weekly progress reports emailed to me.
  • Badges! I know… this is silly in a way because they are virtual badges, but I love the encouragement! It feels really good to look at your achievements and see what badges you have earned and which ones that I can earn.
  • Connects well to any phone type – Before when I had a different type of smartwatch I had major issues getting it to be compatible with the phone I had at the time. That’s not fun when you have spent money on something that is supposed to improve your life and motivate you and it ends up being a pain in the tail.

My One Reservation About it: Sometimes it can be a bit cranky about charging if I try to plug it into a powerstrip.  It just won’t charge.  I have had no issues with it when I just plugged it straight into the wall.


Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black

I asked my husband for a Keurig for Valentine’s Day and it has not disappointed! It is amazing!  I LOVE this thing!  I had been making coffee in just a regular ole’ coffee pot, but it took time to set up and brew, and half the time I needed to leave and had not found time to squeeze in my coffee yet.  The Keurig is so fast.  It heats the water in just a few minutes and is ready to rock.  I also love the variety of coffee pods that you can get, and you can even use it to brew tea too!  It has 3 buttons on top that let you fit the size of the mug that you have, as well as the base of it, comes out if you have a very tall mug.  (You know for those mornings where you are low on sleep?)

It has a big water reservoir and the whole thing comes out so you can fill it and clean it easily.  The other thing that I love is that it has an auto-off, which gives me a peace of mind in case I forget to turn it off.  My husband has had one at his office for 2 years that many people use on a daily basis and it is still going strong.  He also said that someone bought a generic one and it takes forever to heat the water.

Why I love it so much

To me, the big convenience with the Keurig is that it is FAST.  Instant gratification? When it comes to coffee, yes, please!  I also got a word of warning with it…. do not get a generic refillable cup to go in there.   My husband said that he has seen them break off the needle inside the chamber you put the coffee pod in!  Not even going to try that; love the Keurig too much to risk it.  If your Mom does not already have a Keurig and drinks coffee, this would be a great Mother’s Day Gift Idea.

Inspirational coffee mug Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Fearless, You are never alone

I saw this on Amazon and I fell in love. It has such a simple, yet inspirational and uplifting message.   When I am not rushing around in the morning, and instead, taking the time to have a nice peaceful, mindful morning, I love having an inspirational and thought-provoking quote right in my hand.


Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Yes, I know, it’s a classic, and I still like it.  I love the larger size and it’s just sweet.  As moms, we need all the encouragement we can get, right?

Best Mom Ever Tumbler Cup

Again, a classic.  I love tumbler cups because they are so easy to take with me in the car.  They keep things hot or cold much better than a normal coffee cup or glass.  I also loved the hot pink on this one. It’s just so pretty and feminine, yet makes a bold statement at the same time.  Plus, the bright color makes it easier to find.

Double links charm necklace in sterling silver

I am not a huge jewelry person, but this necklace jumped out at me.  I love the symbolism, the simple but elegant design, and the message.  It’s just so sweet.

Love You Mom Forever and Always Bracelet

Again, even though I am not a huge jewelry person, I love this bracelet.  Simple, elegant, pretty, and sweet.


Mom Quote Chalkboard

If your Mom’s love language is words of affirmation, then she might like this decor.  We all need to be reminded that we are loved an appreciated.  This is something that I would be proud to hang on my wall.

Mama Bear and Baby Bear Matching Tees

These are too cute!  I don’t know about you, but I love a good t-shirt, and the fact that these are matching makes it all the more endearing to me!

Mom Life Shirt

For Mother’s Day Ideas,  this one rocks!  Mom life is the best life.  It has its moments, both good and bad, but I would not trade it for anything.

Bath Bomb With Surprise Ring Inside Worth $15-$5000

My Aunt got me a similar type of bath bomb for my birthday, and it was so much fun! First off, if you get a bath bomb with a ring inside, that means you HAVE to take a nice, hot, relaxing bath right?  The curiosity element really got me on this. I watched the whole time the bomb fizzed and bubbled.  The fact that you could get a really nice ring out of it was quite exciting as well.  For mine, the ring was a really pretty piece of fashion jewelry that was valued at about $25.  The worst case scenario is that you get a pretty ring and you get a very nice relaxing bath to top it all off, which sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

There are also candles with jewelry inside that are also fun!


Whatever gift idea you decide on for Mother’s Day, remember that the MOST important thing is that you think of your Mom.  Give her a call and TALK to her.  I confess I have sent my Mom a text on Mother’s Day, but I also called her later on after church.  Texting is not a replacement for actually talking to people all the time.  (Your Mom would probably agree with me on this one. 😛 )  In coming up with a Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom, you can ask her, consider her hobbies, and her love language.   She also might like something that the kids made.

What your Mom probably wants more than anything on Mother’s Day is to hear you say ” I love you, Mom.”  She wants to know that she is loved, valued and appreciated.  Mothers are not perfect people, they make mistakes, but they are also very special people that love their children very much.  Encourage you, Mom, this Mother’s Day.  Tell her that you love her and appreciate her.  Amazon is a great tool and has amazing stuff (and free shipping with Prime!) but Amazon alone cannot make your Mom’s Day on Mother’s Day.   Only you can do that.

What are your best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? Leave me a comment and let’s continue the list below!

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  1. I found it helpful when you said that you could consider finding items that scream her name at you, so you must consider browsing around. With this in mind, I will be sure to visit a gift shop next week where I can purchase holiday gifts. What I want is for my mother-in-law to be impressed and excited about my gift, so I will do your tips.

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