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Benefits of Hobbies Happy People Want You To Know

Have you ever had a time in your life that you were discontent and unhappy?  Have you ever thought “I need a hobby!” because you wanted some of the benefits of hobbies?  But maybe you didn’t know where to start, and needed a hobbies list? I have you covered for all of that today.

There are many benefits of hobbies.   I will tell you my favorite thing about hobbies,  and my personal favorites as we go along.  Finally, I will wrap it up by giving you a HUGE hobbies list so you can find your next hobby!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I will recieve compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! For more information, please see my disclosure.)

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What are the benefits of hobbies? Are you looking for interesting hobbies to try or maybe hobbies that make money, hobbies for men, hobbies for the family, or just interesting hobbies? Learn the benefits of hobbies and get a free list of 161 hobby ideas #hobbies #benefitsofhobbies #hobbieslist #listofhobbies #hobbiesformen #hobbiesthatmakemoney #cheaphobbies #uniquehobbies #inexpensivehobbies #familyhobbies #hobbiesforwomen #contentmentquesting

Why is having a hobby important?

           We can gain many benefits from having hobbies.  They enhance the quality of our lives. I have been in a place in my life that I not only wanted a hobby, I felt like I NEEDED a hobby.  Have you been there? It usually occurs when there are things happening in my life that I need to distract myself from. 

We can’t always control every aspect of our environments.  Happiness is a journey. One of the major benefits of having a hobby is that it gives you something to focus on that makes you happy.  

One of the major benefits of having a hobby is that it gives you something to focus on that makes you happy.Click To Tweet

Do hobbies make you happy?

I mentioned that one of the benefits of hobbies is that they can make you happy.  It’s not a 100% guaranteed thing because your happiness depends on you. For example, if you have a hobby of watching movies and you are watching tragedies all the time, you probably will not be happy.  However, if you watch comedies or inspiring stories, then it could boost your happiness.

This may sound like an old lady hobby, but I recently decided to pick up a new hobby.   I started with  some oversized yarn and went about trying to figure out how to hand loop it into a blanket. After serveral tries, and unraveling it about five times, I finally had something that vaugly looked like the start of a blanket.  Yes, I could have googled it or looked up a tutorial on youtube, but part of the fun for me was figuring it out myself.

It took my mind off my worries. It engaged my mind trying to learn a new skill, and I found it incredibly relaxing.  I could keep my hands busy while I talked with my husband, or listened to a podcast. I felt like I was relaxing and being productive at the same time.      

What are the benefits of hobbies?

I listed some of the benefits of hobbies above, but there are other benefits. Hobbies can stretch your mind by learning new things.  Hobbies can also give you a creative outlet. As an added bonus, some hobbies make money. Among the many benefits of hobbies, are increased confidence, stretching your comfort zones, and a renewed sense of purpose.  For me, my hobbies fall under the umbrella of self-care and are one of the things that I do on a routine basis to help refill my emotional bucket.

What things are considered hobbies?

Hobbies, simply put, are something that you enjoy doing in your free time.  They are not essential to your job and they can be something that you enjoy by yourself or with others.  The bounds of your imagination and interests impose the only limits to potential hobbies. If you can imagine something and it sounds like fun – it can be a hobby! Some hobbies require a significant investment, while others are free or nearly free.    

What are some fun hobbies to get into?

There are many fun hobbies to get into.  I have prepared an extensive hobbies list for you below.  Read through the hobbies list and find what resonates with you.  What things sound fun or interesting? What sounds like a fun hobby to you, may not appeal to someone else.  For example, I enjoy horseback riding. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are allergic to horses, scared of them, or just plain not interested.  That’s ok. We are all unique individuals. Pick a hobby that sounds fun or interesting to you.

What are the benefits of hobbies? Are you looking for interesting hobbies to try or maybe hobbies that make money, hobbies for men, hobbies for the family, or just interesting hobbies? Learn the benefits of hobbies and get a free list of 161 hobby ideas #hobbies #benefitsofhobbies #hobbieslist #listofhobbies #hobbiesformen #hobbiesthatmakemoney #cheaphobbies #uniquehobbies #inexpensivehobbies #familyhobbies #hobbiesforwomen #contentmentquesting

Hobbies List and the Benefits of Different Types of Hobbies

Benefits of Hobbies that Make Money

What’s better than simply doing something that you enjoy? Getting paid to do it!  Many home-based businesses start out as hobbies. It’s possible to use a hobby as a basis to launch a business and make money.  Most of the hobbies that make money will center around making a product or providing some sort of service.

My favorite one is (obviously) blogging. I find it fun and relaxing. There are many new skills to learn, it’s a very minimal investment (less than a fancy cup of coffee per month) and I get to help people along the way.  Many of these hobbies that make money are also tech hobbies. It’s amazing what we can do with our PCs and the internet!


Starting at $3.95/month with Siteground or $2.95/month with Bluehost. I have used both of these services. I am currently with Siteground because I liked their customer service better, but I have heard reports that Bluehost has improved since I left.)  If you want to know all about blogging and the how to set it up, check out Start A Mom Blog or look at some of Suzi’s courses. It’s easier than you think.  

(Quick note about Suzi’s courses -I purchased Blog By Number about 4 months into blogging and I felt like someone had handed me a key to a lock I had been trying to open with a lockpick for 4 months! It got me un-stuck and past the overwhelm. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase it sooner. )

Direct Selling

This one is not for me, BUT many other people enjoy it.  Think Avon, Limelight, Paparazzi jewelry, Rodan and Feilds, etc.  


Very similar to blogging, except it’s on video.  In short,  you make videos, edit them, and put them on youtube.  You have to have a certain number of subscribers and viewing hours before you can start to monitize.  But it is possible to take this hobby and turn it into a full-time income.


I will admit to having some interest in this one.  Podcasting is a rapidly growing industry and it can make money in much the same way that blogs and vlogs do.

Writing a book

I recently did this with “The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life.”  Even if you don’t think that you are knowledgeable enough to write a book, you can. Sometimes you just have to be one step ahead of someone else in a journey.  It’s fun, and it will stretch your comfort zones.

Crafty Hobbies

I will go more into detail with this in a later section, but you can make crafts and sell them for a little bit of money.  My Pawpa used to do this years ago after he retired. He did woodworking and sold his goods at craft shows. I think he made enough to cover his costs, but he had a ball with it.

Home Decorating

Maybe you have a really good eye for design and love decorating your home?  You could sell that service as a home decorator. Some of us (*ahem* ME) have no eye for it and are a bit clueless as to what goes together well to make a home feel cohesive.

Giving Lessons

Do you play a musical instrument or have a skill that you could teach? You could give lessons that let you share your love for your hobby as well as provide you a bit of income on the side.

Freelance Work

You could always pick up work on the side if there is something that you love to do.  For me, I have started doing a bit of freelance writing. I must say, I have been enjoying it more than I ever thought possible. I have learned many different things, I get to do something that I love to do, and get paid for it!  Yet another surprising benefit of this hobby is the people I get to meet.  I have met many kind and interesting people doing freelance writing that I would not have known otherwise!  


I recently read a book called “Start Late, Finish Rich” written by David Bach.  He started investing at an early age when his grandmother took him to McDonald’s.  She told him that there are three kinds of people that come to McDonald’s- the people that work there, the people that eat there, and the owners. She told him that he needed to become an owner and flipped to the stock section of the newspaper.  When you invest your money and leave it there, it generally grows over time. You can try to trade them as well, but you do risk losing money instead of gaining it. Still, some find investing an enjoyable hobby.

What are the benefits of hobbies? Are you looking for interesting hobbies to try or maybe hobbies that make money, hobbies for men, hobbies for the family, or just interesting hobbies? Learn the benefits of hobbies and get a free list of 161 hobby ideas #hobbies #benefitsofhobbies #hobbieslist #listofhobbies #hobbiesformen #hobbiesthatmakemoney #cheaphobbies #uniquehobbies #inexpensivehobbies #familyhobbies #hobbiesforwomen #contentmentquesting

Flipping Items

You can find items at discounted prices and flip them.  You have to be knowledgeable about what you’re looking for, but I know it’s possible to find items at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales, and flip them on places like Amazon.  One of the benefits of this hobby is that if you get good enough at it, you can make some pretty decent money.  

Website Building

The benefits of hobbies such as website building are well known.  Many people that are in business know that they need to have a website, but are clueless on how to go about building one.  If you are good at it and enjoy building websites as a hobby, you could get the benefit of making a few extra bucks doing it for other people.

Graphic Design

If you have a good eye for color and you find graphic design fun, then you could use your hobby to make a bit of extra cash on the side.  This can range from designing book covers, to Pinterest pins, to advertisements.


Everyone loves great pictures.  However, not everyone can take good pictures consistently.  (Which is the category that I fall into).  Being able to take GOOD pictures, is something that will never go out of style, especially now that we have social media to plaster them on.  I have known several moms that have taken up photography and started making money on the side with no formal training.  If you are thinking about starting photography as a hobby and need some help, Click It Up a Notch is a great photography blog.

If you want to take professional photos you will need a DSLR camera.  Amazon has a pretty nice looking beginner DSLR camera with all the accessories for less than $450.  The only complaint I see about it is that the tripod is not as steady as some would like.  The cameras do have some resale value, so if you change your mind, you can always sell it without losing all your investment.

Benefits of Performing Arts Hobbies

The benefits of performing arts hobbies might not be all that apparent at first.  However, I can assure you as someone that used to participate in high school drama productions it was not a waste of time.  I had to use my mind and memory to memorize my lines.  It taught me how to deal with pressure and how to stand and speak in front of a crowd.  Those are some pretty amazing benefits, if you ask me!


Doing magic takes a lot of practice, but some people enjoy it.  It is certainly a unique hobby. Become good enough at it, and you might find yourself in demand for birthday parties or other events getting paid to practice a hobby that you love.

Stand-Up Comedy

This one is a hobby that is near and dear to my heart, not because I practice stand up comedy, but because my oldest son has picked up this unique hobby.  It could eventually turn into a way for him to make money, but for now, he enjoys coming up with material and delivering it at his school talent show.

Dramatic Productions

I greatly enjoyed participating in school plays and dramatic productions in high school. I spent tons of time in the school auditorium practicing for plays and made many great memories.  For me, it helped develop confidence and public speaking abilities as well.  My drama teacher described it as “My bashful wallflower bloomed.”  


There is something about music that can lift your mood, and even when there is no source of music around you can always sing. You can sing to yourself, to your family, while you are rocking your little ones to sleep, or perform on a big stage.  However you do it, singing can be a fun hobby.


What great fun, and great exercise!  You move your body, you listen to music, and it can be done alone or in a group.  You can also use a gaming platform, such as an Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation, and turn it into a game if you don’t care to do it in front of an audience. 

Benefits of Hobbies for Men

While any hobby can by men or women, there are some hobbies that TEND to appeal to men more than women.  However, if you are a woman and you are intrigued by any of these, then go for it!  I also included this hobbies list for men because I am always on the lookout for things that would make great gifts for the men in my life.  Many of the benefits of hobbies for men is the same as for women.  It gives them a creative outlet and a way to relax.  As a bonus, when your man is practicing a hobby, can often be a great time to talk to him!

Iron smithing

We were touring a local pioneer village and as we walked by the blacksmith shop, I heard someone call my name.  I looked, and much to my surprise, I knew the smith! I had no idea this was an actual hobby! Blacksmithing has become much more popular thanks to the show “Forged in Fire.” I must say, some of the things they make are pretty cool.  


Copper is much more malleable than iron, but it can also be used to make some pretty cool things.  Coppersmithing is a fairly unique hobby, but an interesting one.

Model Kits

All the men in my life like model kits.  My husband has put together model airplanes, submarines, and even Gundam battle suits!  (If you don’t know what that is, they are Japanese anime based combat suits that look like big robots.)  They range in price from around $12 to over $100+. Some model kits require glue and paint, others just snap together.  They all require building something quite complicated from scratch and following the instructions.

What are the benefits of hobbies like this?  For one thing, the schematics are all pictures.  You are given a bunch of tiny parts and you have to follow directions and pay attention to detail in order to be able to put it together successfully.  This means you are basically following engineering schematics in the name of fun.  

My 13 year old son has also started putting these together. When I got a new firepit, his Dad told him to assemble it – and he did. The instructions were like his model kits.


Some men (and women) love cars.  I have seen several auto shows at different festivals and they always have people around that love them.  They can range from fast cars, to foreign cars, to antiques. People spend time and money restoring them and learning to fix them for hobbies.  These hobbies have the benefit of teaching real life skills (being able to fix a car is very much a real-life skill) and getting to socialize with people that enjoy the same thing at the car shows.  Plus, you get to drive your fancy car around, and that’s just plain fun, no matter what your age is.   


Speaking of cars, some people enjoy both racing them and watching others race.  


We are not big drinkers, but it is possible to brew your own alcohol at home. Often for much cheaper than you can buy it.  There is a catch: in the US you cannot legally sell home-brewed alcohol. (Remember the bootleggers from history class?) You will need to get some supplies to get started, such as a glass jug, stopper, bubbler, yeast, and ingredients.  


We need bees to pollinate flowers, but with habitat destruction, there is a movement to help preserve our wild honeybees.  Some people have taken up bee-keeping as a hobby to provide the bees with a safe home and to get the benefit of fresh honey.

Funny story: We once bought some local honey from a backyard beekeeper. Upon tasting the golden substance and expecting the sweetest taste that had ever graced our mouths, we all made faces of disgust.  The honey tasted like dandelions! If you decide to take up bee-keeping, I suggest keeping some sweet smelling flowers around too.  I do not recommend dandelion honey.  


I mentioned that my Pawpa did this years ago.  I have fond memories of sitting in what he called his “sawdust shop” and watching him turn lumber into beautiful crafts. There are all types of woodworking.  It is a bit pricey to get set up because you have to purchase the appropriate kinds of saws, but I know that the enjoyment that my Pawpa got out of it made it well worth the expense to him.

Knife Making

I remember first seeing knife making at the Ozark Folk Center in Arkansas.  It was pretty fascinating how they crafted the blade and the hilt. If you are looking for something a little more beginner-friendly than starting with forging your own steel, Amazon has some knife making kits for beginners that are reasonably priced.

Knife Throwing

This is not one that I would want to try, but if you do, please use a target and practice all applicable safety precautions.

RC Cars

I used to think that RC cars were just for kids.  Not so anymore. We walked into a local hobby shop and saw that now they have some RC cars that go as fast as 30 mph. Wowzers, that is not a kid’s toy.  It was the car that was driving the fastest in the parking lot.

RC Planes or Drones

My husband has had a couple of RC planes over the years. He never got super into it, but we discovered that there are clubs of guys with RC planes that fly them at actual RC airports.  Drones have come into popularity in recent years, many with cameras so you can get a bird’s eye veiw of your surroundings.

Benefits of Cheap Hobbies/Free Hobbies

One of the great things about hobbies is that they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, a good number of them are free.  That enables you to enjoy them, no matter what the bank account balance is.  The benefits of hobbies such as these are rather obvious – they enable you to reduce stress without spending money.  


I love going for a walk either alone or with my family or friends. Something about being in the sunshine always lifts my mood and I can go at whatever pace suits my fancy.  The only investment that I make for this one is a pair of good general-purpose sneakers that last me 6-months to a year. 

Watching Youtube videos

  I mentioned Vlogging and making youtube videos before, but what good is making them if no one watches them?  Who hasn’t watched a few funny videos on youtube? I like cute stuff, like funny animals and the how-to to learn new skills. My kids are more into Ninjago cartoons and lately they have found some Russian tank cartoons.  I don’t understand a single word, but that does not make a difference to them. They laugh just the same. My husband has also found some Primitive Life videos that are strangely entertaining. Who would have thought watching a guy make a mud hut and bricks from nothing would be so addictive? 

Video gaming

Since I started blogging, I do not video game nearly as much as I used to.  There are all kinds of different video games. Some are free, and some you buy once and get hours of enjoyment from.  They range from everything to rpgs where you play a character and work your way through a storyline, to racing games (my son’s favorite is the Forza series), to skill games (think bubble break or cut the rope), to shooters, to mmos with many people playing on a server.  There are many platforms to play on such as tablets, ipods, cell phones, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC.  While oftentimes video games get a bad rap, there are benefits to this hobby.  Studies have shown that new surgeons that are gamers are more accurate, and it could also help address issues such as dyslexia.  Who knew!

Fantasy Sports

I am not a huge sports fan, but many people are.  If you enjoy sports, you might also enjoy fantasy sports.


Even if you don’t want to entertain small children at parties, juggling is an interesting hobby.  Juggling helps strengthen connections in your brain and is very good for hand-eye coordination. You also get lots of exercise chasing dropped balls… or maybe that’s just me?  Luckily, Amazon has some kits with non-rolling balls.

Swimming for pleasure

Our family loves swimming.  We love going to the lake, which we can do for free or very low cost. ($5 to get into a state park to swim in their swim area for all day)  Bring your lunch and you can have a picnic. Bring $2 plastic pail and shovel for the kids and you are all set for a great day!

Sling Shots

    Can you tell I’m a boy mom?  A friend of ours gave one of my sons a slingshot for his birthday and it has provided hours of fun.  (Along with strict instructions about not shooting it towards the house or any pets.)


Learning Languages

       Are you surprised that this is listed under “Free/cheap hobbies”?  This can get costly if you buy a premium program like Rosetta Stone. (Which is what I would get if I had to learn a language FAST – like I was moving to a different country.)  However, there are some cheaper alternatives. You can find some resources on youtube, and I also found that my local library pays for a service called pronunciator that teaches all kinds of languages.  Learning a different language is also great for your brain.


Organizations are always needing help.  You can do many things through volunteering for great causes.  It’s free to do and it will often help you form great connections that you otherwise would not have had.  I cannot describe the value and the impact that it can have on your life as well.

Rock Collecting

When I was a kid (ok fine, I still had the collection when I got married) I collected rocks.  I found “special rocks” in various places and kept my treasures. When I became an adult, I gave it to my oldest son, who now has a special container for storing his own rock collection.


Have you ever wondered where you came from? With services now like “23 and Me” you can now trace your linage back to a country of origin using your DNA.  Genealogy is more than DNA, though, it’s finding your specific ancestors. Courthouse records contain and birth, marriage and death certificates that date many years back.  You may have to walk through a few cemeteries in the process, but your whole family can benefit from your hard work researching. You are sure to uncover some surprising stories along the way and bring some joy to an elderly person asking to hear their old stories.


Journaling is a great hobby. There are all kinds of journaling, but I have a guide on how to find the right type of journaling for you.  My current journal was about $5 and has lasted me for over a year. I do not write in it every day, but it’s priceless for helping me to process my thoughts and feelings and it can even help me get out of a funk mood.  

Recently, I published The 5-Minute Productivity Journal. It’s great for if you want to journal, focus in a short amount of time, untangle your to-do list, and get more done in less time by working smarter instead of harder.

Crossword puzzles

If you are very good with words and definitions crossword puzzles might be a fun hobby. You can pick up books of them very cheaply at any dollar store.

Word searches

Like crossword puzzles, word searches are a great hobby to exercise your brain.  Books for them can also be picked up at any dollar store.


I have only played Mahjong on the PC, but it’s a great brain building game. You can find a free to play mahjong game here.


I find sudoku very frustrating.  However, like the previously mentioned games, it’s great for brain building and some people find this hobby fun.

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What are the benefits of hobbies? Are you looking for interesting hobbies to try or maybe hobbies that make money, hobbies for men, hobbies for the family, or just interesting hobbies? Learn the benefits of hobbies and get a free list of 161 hobby ideas #hobbies #benefitsofhobbies #hobbieslist #listofhobbies #hobbiesformen #hobbiesthatmakemoney #cheaphobbies #uniquehobbies #inexpensivehobbies #familyhobbies #hobbiesforwomen #contentmentquesting

Benefits of Hobbies for the Whole Family

What’s better than some time to yourself to do what you love? Doing what you love with your whole family!  Some hobbies are very family friendly and are a great way to spend quality time both with your spouse and your kids. Some of the hobbies above in the “cheap hobbies” section could also fit very well with hobbies for the whole family.


I have pictures of my kids sitting in a Bumbo baby seat “helping” me bake cookies.  At first, the help consisted of chewing on a wooden spoon and watching the whole operation, but it has gradually grown to measuring ingredients, mixing, and my oldest son can do almost everything by himself to bake chocolate chip cookies.  They also enjoy helping with cakes and other goodies. Not only is this great quality time with the kids, but it also helps to teach them a valuable life skill. Boys need to know how to cook too.

As a side note – my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipie is the toll house one. Use real butter, and half-way through the baking time, rotate your cookie sheets in the oven and switch racks. They will look half-baked on top and goldent brown on the bottom.  Don’t worry – they finish cooking outside the oven as they are cooling. This gives them a crisp outside and soft inside.


I have written a few articles on camping, including why we traded our tent for a camper, and a beginning camping “what you need to know before your first camping trip” guide. Camping is one of my favorite hobbies to spend time with my family.  It’s a nice, relaxing, budget friendly vacation, whether it is just a weekend, or an entire week.

Visiting Museums

Since I am a former teacher, I am a bit of a museum nerd.  I love learning new things and instilling that love of learning in my children, especially when I can disguise it as fun.  Local museums make great day trips, and show you some very neat things


Have you ever dreamt of going on a treasure hunt? That’s pretty much what geocaching is. It’s free to do and it’s a worldwide thing.  You install a geocaching app on your phone, and it gives you the gps coordinates of the “cache.” It will take you close, but then you have to do the rest of the finding on your own.  The cache can take any form, but it’s a container with a small slip of paper inside. Sometimes there are small trinkets as well. When you find the cache, you sign and date the slip of paper and then re-hide it.  To add to the fun, don’t let the “muggles” (non-geocachers) catch you!


We love hiking!  When my husband and I were dating we were broke college kids, so we went hiking a lot.  Now we enjoy taking our kids. We have some of the best talks while we are hiking, we get exercise and it gets the kids unplugged and into nature.  Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and you take water. Now that I am a bit older and my knee has started bothering me from time to time, I like taking a hiking stick with me as well.  I keep telling myself that I still feel 20, but sometimes my body reminds me that I’m not.


Fishing does not require much of an initial investment.  $35 for a fishing pole and some hooks and bait, $10 for a in-state fishing license that lasts you all year, and you are set!  Now go find some water, throw your hook in and enjoy the scenery. I stink at fishing, but I do enjoy trying every now and then.  Even when I don’t catch anything, I enjoy the relaxing time spent outside. If you are good at it (and/or lucky) you might even catch dinner!

Horseback riding

         I loved horses from childhood.  I have not grown out of that love for them, nor do I intend to.   Some of the best quality time I have had with my own mother has been on the back of a horse. Horseback riding is typically not a cheap hobby, but it’s one that I have greatly enjoyed, and that I want to pass on to my children.  If you decide you want to start horseback riding as a hobby, I suggest you seek the advice of a knowlegeable friend or try it out first by taking a few lessons  before jumping straight into horse ownership.

Watching Movies

Who does not love a movie night?  You can check out movies from the local library, stream them or rent them from Redbox.  However you do it, there is something nice about gathering in the living room as a family, popping some popcorn, and watching a movie together.

ATV/4 Wheeler Riding

While my family has never had an ATV or 4-wheeler, I know many people that enjoy taking them out to the woods and riding them on a trail, or mudding in a pasture.  However you do it, it can be fun to get out into nature. Be sure to take all reasonable safety precautions.


 Homesteading is where you raise your own animals and plants for food in an effort to become more self-sufficient.  Entire blogs have been dedicated to homesteading. It does seem to be an interesting hobby, though, I do not know if it’s something that I would ever personally do, though it does involve the whole family.


Like many of the hobbies I have written about, I dabble in this one.  I have a raised bed garden that I plant a few things in every year. Nothing tastes quite like a garden fresh tomato.  I would say the same thing of strawberries, but all mine seem to disappear when the kids go outside to play. The kids have an active part in the garden, occasionally picking vegetables that they are interested in growing.  Then, they get to eat the rewards of their labor. I get kids that are happily eating their vegetables.

Raising Animals

        I watched a Facebook Live yesterday from my friend who raises animals.  They had the very first goats born on their farm yesterday – twins! Her children got to watch the birth process and are helping care for the baby goats.   

Jigsaw Puzzles

As much as I love outdoors, it’s not  pretty outside all the time. Doing jigsaw puzzles is a very brain-friendly hobby that the whole family can take part in.  It also teaches the kids patience and persistence as they try to fit pieces together.

Listening to Music

We all love listening to music. It’s amazing how much an upbeat song can lift your mood.  

Fish Keeping

In my classroom, I kept fish my 2nd and 3rd years of teaching.  It started off as something to do with the empty aquarium. I learned the hard way my first year that it’s a bad idea for a biology teacher to have an empty aquarium. The kids kept finding things for me to put in it. (Like green snakes! Yipes!) 

Listening to Audio Books

When we drive, we are usually listening to an audio book.  It’s a great way to pass the time when you are driving. More importantly, it fosters a love of books in the children. It shows them that books are fun and interesting, which encourages reading.  We usually get our audio books from our local library, but I know that Amazon offers an audible service that gives you 2 free audio books with a free trial.

Canoeing and Kayaking

I keep looking at those plastic kayaks that start to make their appearance in stores in spring.  The brightly colored ones that are plastic and can fit one or two people? While I have not tried this hobby, I think it would be fun to.  What I have done is spend a day with my older son and rented canoes at a state park lake. We spent a very enjoyable hour paddling around the lake.  If you do this one with kids, pack some dry clothing! Learning how to manuveur a small canoe often involves turning it over a few times.


Mycology is the study of mushrooms. I admit, it’s an unusual hobby.  You need to learn how to identify mushrooms properly. Many mushrooms are poisonous, so if in doubt, don’t eat it! That being said, it’s a great opportunity for the whole family to learn something unusual and get out in the woods hunting for them.  


Beach combing is searching the beach looking for things of interest or value.  Obviously, you need to live near a beach or be visiting one to partake in this cheap hobby.  However it can be quite fun to collect sea shells and other things of interest. Just make sure that it’s legal to pick them up!  (It is in most places, if the shells are empty.)

Bible Study

While family worship, in my opinion, is not a hobby, but a way of life and way to teach your children some of the best things they will ever learn in life, studying the Bible together can be a powerful way to both teach your children and draw the whole family closer together

Going to Cultural Festivals

Cultural festivals are often fun to go to and not as rare of a happening as  you might think. You do have to look for them. They are often held on college campuses or large churches. They are a great way to have fun with your family while at the same time learning about other cultures.  To date, we have gone to a Greek Food Festival, Scottish Festivals, and an Irish Dance Festival. I have also seen a few international food festivals that I would like to go to as well.


Though the past few years we have gone camping for vacation, my kids are no strangers to travel.  Truth be told, my husband and I love to travel. The kids have been on two road trips. The first one we went through 7 states in 7 days, and we saw such sights as Mount Capulin, in New Mexico, which is an extinct volcano, Pike’s Peak, and Mount Rushmore.  We also discovered that my then toddler youngest son has a deep and profound hatred for high elevations and forget the jacket – bring a COAT, even in July!

The second road trip was more of a Southern State tour.  We went to Stone Mountain, drove through Atlanta, toured an aircraft carrier, went to Fort Sumpter, and spent time at Myrtle Beach.  I guarantee that my sons will remember Fort Sumpter much better having been there, than they would just reading about it in a history book.


There are MANY outdoor hobbies, but tennis is one of the cheapest sports I can think of to get a start in.  You only need one other person to play, though it’s a hobby that the typical family of 4 can enjoy together.  A beginning racket is quite affordable and a tube of 3 balls is about $2. I have recently tried my hand at this outdoor hobby, and though at my current skill level it’s more “chase the ball around.” I have still gotten exercise and had fun!

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Benefits of Crafty Hobbies

Often times, when we think of hobbies, crafty hobbies is what comes to mind.  These often require a bit of investment for supplies, but one of the benefits of hobbies of this variety is that it has the potential to make money.  They are also great creative outlets, and allow you to practice and learn a skill.  


There are all types of painting, from oil to watercolors.  Prices start at just a few dollars to get started.


There is something relaxing about your hands working while your mind is otherwise occupied listening to a podcast, or watching a movie.  You can make a variety of things with crochet, including hats, scarves, booties, blankets, and more!

Hand looping

If you don’t like the crochet needles, but you like the yarn, I keep seeing this specialized yarn for hand looping.  Looks interesting and the yarn is super-soft!


You can engrave metal, wood, or glass and create some very unique pieces.


I always thought of knitting as something with yarn and two straight needles, but lately I have been seeing knitting looms as well, which look interesting.

Jewelry Making

Your imagination is the limit.  You can create beautiful pieces out of whatever most appeals to you.  You can make gifts for others or sell online.


Years ago, I requested a sewing machine for Christmas because I wanted to learn to sew.  It’s never a skill that I have regretted learning. In fact, it’s been downright useful! My sewing machine is a Janome and I have had it for over 5 years and sewn 2 quilts with it. (which is is not really designed to do and I don’t recommend!)  The Brother Sewing machine also has some very high reviews and costs a bit less.


I have made a grand total of 2 quilts.  They have been rag quilts, which are the easiest to make.  I think I spent a grand total of $3.12 on the first one because I used scraps of fabric that I had on hand.  My husband counts his rag quilt as one of his “prized possessions.” I made them following this easy rag quilt tutorial.

Decorating Garments

Shirts, bags, aprons, they could all use a bit of bling, couldn’t they?


Ancient, yet still relevant. This can be a type of jewelrymaking, or it can simply be using beads to make any type of artwork.


Preserve your memories in a fun unique way that will make you (and others) WANT to look through the picture album.  The benefits of hobbies like scrapbooking are that it gives you a way to look back on precious family memories.  It can also be a very meaningful personalized gift. 

Cricut Crafts

What can’t this machine do?  A Cricut machine does vinyal lettering, which is incredibly versitile.  One of the benefits of hobbies with the cricut machine is that it leaves a lot of options open for making things to sell or for gifts.

Soap Making

Have you seen some of those specialty soaps that people make?  I’m always fascinated with them! I am starting to see them pop up more and more in flea markets and other specialty gift shops.   I love trying new hobbies and some soap making kits have been catching my eye.  However, I think for me it’s on the list of “new hobbies to try sometime in the future.”  The benefits of hobbies such as this are much the same as candle making below, except that if something goes wrong you can always make a clean get-away! (joke… haha)

Candle Making

What a bright idea!  Like soap making, candle making is on my list of hobbies to try sometime in the future list. I think it’s interesting, I just have not tried it yet.  My sister in law can create some beautiful candles.  One of the benefits of hobbies such as this for her is that it gives her a creative outlet and a way to potentially make money while still being a stay at home mom with her kids.


I love the smell and feel of new leather. (Yes, one of the benefits of hobbies such as this mean that you will probably have to go into a tack store or leather shop.  Happy day!)  You will need some stamps and tools for this one, but you can create some beautiful wallets, belts, and other leather accessories. (And horse tack!) Amazon does have a beginner kit, if you are interested in trying out this unique hobby.


All you need is some pencils, and paper!  The benefits of hobbies such as this are that it’s a great way to develop your drawing and artisitical skills without a lot of up front investment.  You can experiment with different pencils, and shading techniques, as well as find what you like to draw.  The sky is the limit! 


Adult coloring books are quite popular, and have some beautiful pictures to suit all types of interests and moods.  The benefits of hobbies such as this mostly fall in the mental health category.  However, it’s also a great opportunity to explore what colors go well together and what color combinations that you like. 

Cartooning and Animation

Cartooning and animation are slightly different, but related hobbies. They both involve creating sequential works of art that unfold over time.  One of the benefits of hobbies such as this are creative side effects, but with the world of youtube, more and more people are capitalizing on this.  Anyone can start cartooning and animating, or perhaps expand into stop motion.     


You can either do this with a machine or by hand.  Either way, this art form is far from lost.

Sand Art

I really thought about putting this under hobbies for kids, becasue I realize the kit below is one aimed at children.  Sand art is just putting different colors of sand in a transparent container in an artsy pattern.  They make very pretty and unique decorations.  There are more adult versions as well, but when I am starting, I like to get something on the inexpensive side to see if I will like my new hobby or if I want to move on to something else.

Hobbies for Kids

Being a “boy mom” I am at a bit of a loss for what to include here for “girl hobbies.”  I would love some help in the comments section!


My sons can play for HOURS with legos! That is a definate benefit of this hobby – Mommy quiet time!  Among the other benefits of this hobby are that it encourages creativity and engineering. They have to think about how it comes together and what blocks go where.  Some pieces can get quite elaborate. They range in price from fairly cheap to “oh my goodness did they put real gold in those blocks?!”  (Not really, but some of the themed sets can get a bit pricey.)  They also have “Technics” sets that have moving parts and simple motors. 


Nerf Wars

            Because what could be more fun than chasing your brother and shooting him with foam darts? Here are my kid’s picks for favorite Nerf guns out of our personal “arsenal.”  While it may not seem like there are many  benefits to this sort of hobby, I would have to argue with you.  The nerf guns are something that both my kids can play together.  If you have more than one child, you know that playing together without fighting does not always happen, but when it does, it’s amazing!

Youngest son ( age 7): Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Cyclone Shock Blaster

Oldest Son (age 11): Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Organized Sports

Admittedly, this hobby is not my cup of tea, but many people enjoy them. You can usually find places to sign up by contacting your local city hall or school district. One of the main benefits of hobbies such as this one is the chance to learn about teamwork, being part of something bigger than yourself, and learning that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.  

Beginning Robotics

Learning things in a fun way is yet another benefit of hobbies.  In recent years, there has been a big push for teaching coding in schools and the invention of robotics programs that even small schools participate in.  I must admit after having been to one of these competitions that it’s pretty amazing what the kids were able to make.  They also make some beginning robotics kits for kids in which they can assemble and program a toy robot.  My oldest son had one, and it comes with a BUNCH of pieces.  It took my husband and my son several hours to put together (and as such, I am not recommending that particular one.).  The concept was cool, but the actual working of it was a bit of a letdown.  However, the linked one has much better reviews.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About The Benefits of Hobbies and Hobbies List

Hobbies have many health benefits, both physical and mental.  They help to put us in a better mood, help us to relax, and sharpen our brains by learning new skills. Whatever interests you have, you can find a hobby to suit it.  As you probably got from reading through my list, I have tried LOTS of different hobbies.  My favorite benefit of hobbies is that it helps me to refill my emotional “bucket.”  If I get depleted, then my gifts of myself to my family are not as good. You can’t pour from an empty bucket. 

What’s your favorite hobby and what benefits do you get from it? Leave me a comment below!

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