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5 Kinds of People That Make Others Happy and How to Be One of Them

Happiness is something we all strive for. It’s something that we want. It’s a great life goal to achieve. Is it possible to not only find it for ourselves but also learn how to be the type of person that can make others happy as well?

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What if happiness is not something that we get only for ourselves? What if it is offering ourselves to other people? Sharing? Caring? Truly loving those around us?

Happiness takes many forms. While it’s true that we are usually concerned with our own conception of happiness, making others happy can make us happy too. When we share, a part of us is transformed into love towards others. If we tried to make others smile and lift up their misery, we could change the world.

Happiness is not only an emotion, it’s a state. It’s a reality that we can create for ourselves and those around us. And while there is a lot of misery in the world that we must fight against, internal happiness keeps us in a balanced, harmonious mood. This is where our true power comes from.

So, enough talk. Wanna know how to make others happy? Here are some examples and a brief discussion that might help you out. But before that, let’s see what the benefits of making someone else happy are.

Benefits of Making Others Happy

  • Relieves stress – a happy mood supports better blood pressure and lower hypertension, studies show.
  • Creates better relationships – being unselfish pays off.
  • Creates a succession – once you help someone and see how great it feels, you’ll want to do it again. And again. And again…
  • Engages fewer negative emotions – acts of kindness bring us happiness and thus, helps us fight trauma, disease, pain, etc.
  • Provides higher life expectancy – more sharing is caring for both you and your loved ones. Studies show a correlation between better mood and lower mortality rates.
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5 Types of People That Make Others Happy

Now that you know why you should make others happy, let’s s check out human typologies. Psychologists say that there are only 5 types of people in this world, and each one of them can make others happy in their own personal way. We’ll expose these types and then, teach you how to become one of them.

Type I: High Consciousness

People who rank high on the consciousness scale are very dependable, well-organized, and self-sufficient. They won’t go around asking for attention. They prefer to become sure of what they know and act upon something only in the right scenario. High consciousness people can be stubborn and assertive, sometimes even obsessive. They’re usually very successful at whatever they do.

How can high consciousness people make others happy: by increasing the other person’s chances of success, in the workplace, at school, or at home & by boosting their spouse’s productivity and help them achieve the most.

Type II: Extroversion

People who rank high in extroversion gain most from social activities. So, regardless of their work, they thrive best in social scenarios. They are talkative, outgoing, and very comfortable with the spotlight. They like making jokes, dominating conversations, and can seek attention.

How can extroverts make others happy: by making jokes to improve someone else’s day; by acting as a mood booster for those around him or her; by engaging the non-talkative into real conversations.

Type III: Agreeableness

People ranking high in agreeableness are nice to others, affectionate, kind, and trustworthy. You can often find them volunteering and helping in any way possible. They like altruistic activities; they can be overly naïve or even passive.

How can agreeable people make others happy: by helping others complete any activity; by listening carefully to what others have to say; by being present when someone else needs them the most.

Type IV: Openness and Optimism

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People who rank high in openness and optimism are known for their wide range of interests and vivid imagination. They’re creative, original, authentic, and curious. These people are most likely to reach Maslow’s highest degree of the pyramid, self-actualization. They like meditation, living abroad, open conversations. They can be unpredictable, spontaneous, and not at all focused.

How can open and optimistic people make others happy: by engaging people in curious conversations; by giving friendly and conscious advice; by seeing the bright side of the picture when others can only see the dark one.

Type V: Anxiety

Anxious, neurotic people can experience high degrees of emotional imbalances and instabilities. They are reactive to people and conversations and often report high degrees of depression and unhappiness. They can be insecure and sometimes, unstable.

How can anxious people make others happy: by becoming the people they fear becoming; happy, confident, and healthy; by loving themselves more than they can love anyone; by being there for them before being there for someone else

How to Become a Person that Can Make Others Happy

Becoming a better person means doing acts of kindness to strangers as well as loved ones. If you want to become happier, you should learn the following.

1. Make yourself happy

As we’ve seen in Type V: Anxiety, people who are reactive, depressed, and insecure can only help themselves. Unfortunately, if you are in this category, you cannot make others happy just yet. You must learn how to love yourself first in order to be able to give back to society. You must care for yourself, understand yourself, and engage in all the preliminary processes to becoming more connected to yourself. This is the first step that anyone should take before engaging in doing good to others. Of course, getting stuck here is not great either, so let’s move on to the next point.

2. Call friends for no reason

Instead of texting, call people to simply ask them how they are. Ask them about their health, work, well-being, etc. Most of them will be pleasantly surprised you’ve called. That’s because people don’t usually care about others as much as they care about themselves, so calling someone without a hidden agenda is going to make them happy.

3. Make eye contact with strangers

And then… smile! Nothing is better than a random smile or a random “hello.” It can be a sign of gratitude and appreciation towards that person’s existence. It can make someone’s day, really. Try it next time you see someone on the street!

4. Send out thoughtful emails

If you’ve heard your co-worker, boss, or friend talk about something that they want to achieve but don’t know how here’s your chance to make them happy. Find a relatable article or book and send it to them. Add a nice note to the email, something like “I am sure you will make it work, I have trust in you,” or “I am proud you’re taking on such a big challenge. You got this!” This will encourage them and make them more willing to fight for their goal.

5. Offer babysitting services

If you have a friend who doesn’t really go on dates anymore – but needs to! – offer to babysit. Let them know that you would be more than happy to do it. Tell them that you understand how being busy feels like. Make them understand how much they deserve this. They might need time alone more than you think! So, make them smile by offering a helping hand in a critical moment.

6. Get people to sign a card for someone

If someone around you is not feeling great and you see it, help them out. Get a nice card from Walmart and have your co-workers/friends/family sign it for them. Maybe they are having a hard time, and this is the only thing that makes their day brighter. Avoid talking about what happened if they don’t feel like it. Just show your support.

7. Plan something nice for your love

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Surprises are more than amazing, especially for those who truly enjoy them. If your partner is one of them, plan something nice for him/her. Don’t inform them of the details but do plan anything in advance. You could get game tickets to their favorite football team or concert tickets to the venue they really enjoy. You could go partying if they’re wilder! Just forget about everything for one night and have some fun

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8. Write a thank-you note

If someone helps you do something, you could help them back. Make them smile by writing a thank you note. Express your gratitude. Make sure they know it. And let them know that you’d be more than happy to return the favor!

9. Listen well

The problem with today’s society is that not many people listen to understand. Most of them listen to reply. This is not at all beneficial for a conversation or relationship between two parties. So, you could make someone happy by listening well and paying attention to what they’re saying. Be there for them when they need it. Even though you won’t see it immediately, you’ve helped them truly.

10. List the things you love about someone

There is nothing better than having someone read why they are loved. They will understand that they are loved for who they truly are and become grateful for being alive. You could let them know how much you love them too. This will make their day.

The Last Thing You Need to Know to Be the Kind of Person that Can Make Others Happy

If you want to improve your life, learn how to love yourself and then spread that love to others. You could be of great help by respecting the tips above. Have fun and happy happying!

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