Why Blog? #1 The Beginning of Contentment Questing

                Hi! I’m Jennifer! The quick answer is because I need a hobby. I need to do something, I need some people interaction, and also because everything is breaking, at the same time, of course.  Isn’t that always the way that it is? Things are going along fine and then, BAM! My goal with this blog is to make a little bit of money on the side to fix some things that are breaking and also to give me something to work on while still being able to stay home.  Why not just get a part-time job? Well…, that’s what I had intended to do, actually, but sometimes the way that the Lord wants your life to go is not the way that you foresee things.

I have played with the idea of blogging before but never done anything. I am trying to write some posts in order to have some content ready to go when I launch.  I have also been doing research, lots of research on what it takes to start a blog.  I’m sure this whole thing will be a learning process, which I intend to write about as part of an ongoing “diary.”  Maybe you have played with that idea too? Maybe everything in your house is breaking as well, or you need extra money for something? (Who does not need extra money?) I am hoping that if I document what I am doing, I can help others who want to do the same thing.  I hope that maybe other bloggers can give me some pointers, and perhaps you as well.

Starting out, I have all kinds of self-doubts. What if no one wants to read what I write? Who really cares about what I have to say? Can I really make a good contribution to the blog community? What if I get lots of hate comments, as is so prevalent on the internet. What if I launch and don’t make a single dime. What if I lose my time and money investment?  What if I don’t get a single page hit? Except for my Mom, of course. Thanks, Mom!

But then a part of me says “So what?” if no one wants to read what I write, they don’t have to. If no one cares what I say, then they won’t read it. They sure won’t read it if I keep it all to myself on my own pc.  If I get hate comments, then I will learn to get thicker skin and to realize that the way that people treat others is more of a reflection of how they feel about themselves.  If I launch and don’t make a single dime, oh well. I won’t make anything at all if I don’t, and more than that I will never know what might happen if I don’t take a chance.  If I lose my time investment, that’s ok because I said in the very first line that I needed a hobby anyway. I will do it for the sake of doing something that I enjoy and trying to share that with others.   If I don’t try I will never know!  So here’s to taking a chance and seeing what happens!

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