The Pearl Perspective Ebook: Taking a Leap of Faith

Hello friends.  This post is a bit personal with me right now because I feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff, about to jump off.  Don’t worry, there is nice, clear, cool water underneath, but standing on the edge of that cliff and looking down is pretty darn scary.  Have you ever felt that way before you made a leap of faith about something?  The unknown is scary.  While I am all for encouraging others to follow their dreams and take a leap of faith, when it comes to myself, I find myself hesitating, even though I know I should just trust God and jump right in.   

The Pearl Perspective 

The Secret Project I started 3 months ago 

Three months ago I was journaling in my personal journal and I wrote down an idea that had been on my mind for some time and would not quit.  Have you ever had an idea like that?  Have you ever felt like something was put on your heart to do that was a bit outside your comfort zone?  The idea of it sounds great, but when it comes to actually carrying out your plan you stand at the edge of that cliff looking at the water underneath, scared to take that jump?  That’s pretty much the point that I am at.   

3 months ago after writing that idea down in my personal journal, I started typing.  I was scared to tell anyone about it for fear of what they would think, but I started on it because I felt like I needed to do it.  I have announced it a few places on social media, and I am announcing it here now.  My secret project will be a secret no longer.   

Announcing……My First Ebook! 

3 months ago, I started writing an ebook.  “The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life” is nearing the end of the rough draft phase.  I should have announced it when I started, but the truth is I was scared. At first, I didn’t know if I could actually do it or not, but as I started typing the words just flowed.   I believe that it can make an impact on your life.   If I didn’t think that it was good, I would not be announcing or sharing it. It will be even better when I am done with it.   

I am planning a tentative launch date of January 1, 2019. (Subject to change, of course, but that’s what I’m shooting for.)

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Coming Soon!

Why an Ebook 

Contentment Questing is about helping others and myself become happier with their lives.  Friends, my life is not fancy. I’m just an ordinary person.  I live in a small house, I have a beautiful family, I’m not driving a Corvette; I drive a minivan.  I’m an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, just like you are.  But I’m happy with it.  Contentment Questing is about not having more but learning to become happy with yourself exactly where you are.  So much of happiness is a decision and a state of mind. It’s not about what surrounds you on the outside, it’s about your perspective and how you feel on the inside.   

I hope to reach more people with the ebook.  I hope that you read it and you like it and share it with your friends.  So many of our problems in life are caused by the way that we look at things and not being content.  When you change your perspective you really can change your life.   

Why “Pearl Perspective”?   

The title is based on a lesson that one of my mentors taught me long ago and that had a ripple effect when I re-told the story.  I relate both of those in the first two chapters.  My mentor used a black marble to make a powerful point, though I don’t think he realized how powerful it was at the time.   

How does a pearl form?  A pearl forms from a tiny piece of dirt or sand that gets inside a clam.  It irritates the tender inside of the clam, and since clams can’t just reach inside and pull the irritant out, they form a smooth protective shell around it.   Over time, that protective shell grows and grows and that is what we know as a pearl.  They are beautiful, rare, and valuable, but they start out as a piece of sand that is an irritant.  Forming a pearl is actually a defense mechanism for the clam.   

Our challenges can be very much like that as well.  What starts out as an irritant, and pain in the tail can actually result in building something beautiful.  Life is not always easy, our challenges shape us and help mold us into better people  – or they can tear us down.  It all depends on our choices.  Often some of the most beautiful people have been through the toughest challenges.   

I want to give you the tools that you need in order to become more content with your own life.   

That’s why I decided to write an ebook.   

When Will it Be Available? 

Having never been through the publishing process before, I do not know exactly how long it will take.  However, I am shooting for January 1, 2019.  (Sounded like a good way to start the New Year off to me!)   If you would like personalized updates, and possibly a coupon for it when it comes out, I would love to have you on my mailing list! Don’t worry, I don’t spam. I try to send out an email every other week or so.  My email is on the list too.  You also get access to my ever-growing freebie library when you sign up for my mailing list.  I might even put a sneak peek at the book on there sometime…. 

Other Questions/Thoughts?  

I would love to hear from you! Email me at or leave me a comment below!  

Happy Questing!

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