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Questing for Self-Motivation to Achieve Your Personal Goals Course

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Let’s face it, getting the motivation to go after your personal goals can be hard, even if you know it’s going to make your life better.

Questing for Self Motivation to Achieve Your Personal Goals Course is designed to walk you step by step through the process of:

  • Defining what you really want so that you set your goals up for success
  •  Tackling common roadblocks that may have held you back in the past
  • Science-backed strategies to motivate yourself so that you can stick with your goals, even in the face of setbacks.  
  •  Finding time to actually work on your goals, even with a busy schedule. 

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Short and Engaging Video Lectures

 Upbeat Video Lectures that leave you feeling great and pumped to take action!

Complete Workbook Included

Printable workbook with walkthroughs included for step by step instructions that leave you with SMART goals broken down into small manageable pieces. 

Avoid Common Roadblocks

 Learn common roadblocks, and have an action plan in place to overcome setbacks.

17 Upbeat, informative video lectures directly aligned with downloadable slides. All less than 10 minutes to fit into your busy schedule.
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Worksheets designed to quickly help you pinpoint your goals, break them down into manageable chunks, identify limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, and a system to help you streamline your to-do list so you can find time to pursue your goals.
Don't worry about staring at a confusing worksheet and feeling all alone. The worksheets are simple, but walk-throughs of each one are included to help you come away with actionable goals.
The techniques taught are backed by research of what actually works to help increase your odds of achieving your goals.
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Learn twelve simple strategies for self-motivation that you can take action on today.
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Designed for easy viewing across mobile, tablet, and PC. Take your course with you where ever you go!