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Backdrops with Inspirational Quotes: Free!

Hello, Friends! I hope that you all are doing well. Earlier I posted my blog report for my 3rd month of Contentment Questing.  I also said that I was going to cut back to posting once a week to give me more time to work on things other than just writing content.  One of those things that I have been working on are some free things for you!  One of the things that help to keep me motivated is to set an inspirational quote as my backdrop.  I designed a few and I wanted to give back to you all!

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So What Kinds of Quotes?

Some of them are new, some are from my “Words of Inspiration” Gallery.  All are surrounded by beautiful backdrops that look great as a backdrop for your pc desktop.  I have been using them for about a month now, and it really helps to have a solid reminder and encouragement every time I sit down at my computer.  The quotes are:

“Do Something Small that Makes your Day Great!” –Jennifer Webb

“Don’t let Worrying about Tomorrow Rob you of the Joy you Have Today” – Jennifer Webb

“Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration.”  – Thomas Edison

“Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination.”

“Keep Your Home Clean Enough to be Healthy and Messy Enough to be Happy.”

“We Need 4 Hugs a Day for survival. We Need 8 Hugs a Day for Maintenance. We Need 12 Hugs a Day for Growth” – Virginia Satir

“When the Storms of Life are Raging, Stand By Me.” – Words from a Hymn

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take.” – Wayne Gretzky

“An Attitude of Gratitude Brings Great Things”

“Live With Character”

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My favorite Quote is Not There!

If there is one that you would like a backdrop of that you don’t see, then please email me at and I will be happy to design one and add it to the library.

So How Do I Get These Backdrops?

To get these backdrops, all you need to do is sign up below!  I have decided to start a library of free items, such as the Meal Planning Printables, and the Backdrops.  They will be accessible to those on my email list.  Before when I saw a  “subscribe to my list” or just the words “mailing list” I always thought, “No way, all it will get me is a bunch of spam!”  I hate spam email with a passion.

I will not send you spam, that gets annoying and I’m on my email list too.  Yes, I know that sounds weird at first, but I want to make sure I know everything works and I want to see what you are seeing when I send it.  I will not send you anything that I would not read myself.  The goal of this blog is to help you and encourage you. Not annoy you.

What WILL I Get From Being on the Email List?

I will send out encouraging emails from time to time.  Sometimes they will contain links back to my blog just to let you know how it’s going and what was published that week.  You will get a personal connection to me.  Is there something that you really would like to read more on? Is there something that I have been posting about that just does not interest you at all?  I would LOVE to hear back from you and know what you would like to see and what you find helpful!  It’s hard to help and inspire people when I don’t know what they need/want.  You will also get access to all the things that I add to the free library in the future.

Your email will be as secure as I can possibly make it. (Remember, my own email is on the list too!) I consider it a HUGE privilege to be let into your personal inbox.  I will not abuse that privilege.  If you decided that it’s not for you, that’s ok too! You can unsubscribe at ANY time!

OK, So What do the Backdrops Actually LOOK like?

I am so very glad you asked! Here they are!

backdrops, contentment questing, freebie, inspiration, motivation, thank you
Here is a preview of all the different inspirational backdrops

I’m so happy with the way these came out. I have been using them on my own PC for a month.  It helps to keep me encouraged and serves as a much-needed reminder to stay positive.  Some of the pictures I took myself, others are stock images.  I think I may start trying to use some of my own pictures more because they are some of my favorites!

The quote “Happiness is a Journey; Not a Destination “picture is one that I took myself and cropped. Those mountains in the distance are the Rocky Mountains and I took it as we were entering Colorado for vacation one year.  The sunset pictures used on “An Attitude of Gratitude Brings Great Things” quote is one that I took from the front porch, and the “Live with Character” quote is me fishing on a friend’s pond at sunset a few years ago.  “Don’t Let Worrying about Tomorrow Rob You of the Joy You Have Today” is a picture I took while driving through the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

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