2-Ingredient White Chocolate Puffs Christmas Candy

white chocolate puffs

Quick and Easy Christmas Candy Treat

If you are looking for a quick and easy Christmas candy treat, look no further than these 2 ingredient white chocolate puffs! I love Christmas candy, and these are probably THE easiest ones to fix.  The part that takes the longest is melting the chocolate.   Another plus about these is that they are very inexpensive, and kid friendly!  The kids can definitely help out on this one or do it themselves if they are a bit older.

A Favorite Novelty Treat

My husband asks for these every year, and since they are so quick and easy, he gets them every year, without any complaints from me.  I took these to a church potluck and they got rave reviews.  No one really knew what they were, but they were in the dessert section.  Our pastor walked by after he had gotten his main plate of food, picked one up and popped it in his mouth. He said “That’s the best cauliflower I’ve ever eaten!”, which was the big joke of the afternoon.  It also was followed by “What is that?” and “How did you make that?”  I have never seen the recipe for this elsewhere, and it’s not your normal Christmas candy, other than the fact that it involves chocolate. I packed these up as part of the kids’ teacher gifts this year, so it also goes great in goodie bags!

So simple!

To fix this you will need 1 bag of corn puffs and 1 bag of white chocolate chips.  My favorite chocolate chips are Toll House.  I don’t know why they taste better to me, but they do. The corn puffs, I got the generic version of.  If you are unfamiliar with corn puffs, they are in the chip aisle and they look like puffy Cheetos, but they are butter flavored.  Think really fluffy butter popcorn crossed with the texture of Cheetos and you will have a pretty good approximation of how they taste on their own.

Take your bag of corn puffs and empty them out into a large bowl.  Melt your chocolate according to package directions and pour it over the corn puffs and stir them around till they are all coated with white chocolate. Lay them out on wax paper to dry.  That is IT! You are done. It is very quick and easy!

Tips for Melting the Chocolate

You can microwave the chocolate to melt it. I have done it before, but even according to package directions it does tend to clump up and not melt as smoothly as if you use a double boiler.

Since I do not have a double boiler, I make my own with 2 pots. I put water in the bottom one and the chocolate to melt in the top one. Then I heat the water up to boiling and the heat from the boiling water melts the chocolate and makes it very smooth.  The disadvantage of this method is that you do have to stir from time to time and it does take a bit longer to do it this way.  If you choose to microwave the chocolate to melt it and it starts to clump together, then you can “rescue” it by adding a tiny bit (about a teaspoon) of Crisco as needed.   It does make the chocolate a bit oilier, but it is better than clumped together where it will not pour.


Recipe for 2-Ingredient White Chocolate Puffs Christmas Candy

1 bag Corn Puffs

1 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips

Empty the bag of corn puffs into a large bowl. Melt the chocolate chips according to package directions and pour over the corn puffs.  Stir till they are all coated and lay out on to a piece of wax paper to dry.


I hope you and your family enjoy these white chocolate puffs as much as my family and I do!  As always, keep on questing for contentment!

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