About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad that you are here.  Since you clicked this page, I am guessing you are curious about who is writing all the content that you see on the blog.  I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom and blogger.  Funny how sometimes life’s road leads you to destinations you never dreamed about, isn’t it?  The first to “careers” I had, I did plan. Blogging, not so much, but I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying it and I am thankful that I blundered into it.  Sometimes the best opportunities fall into your lap.

I am happily married to the love of my life, Shanon, and we have two amazing boys.  I never thought that I would be Mom to ONLY boys, but I would not trade them for anything!   Shanon and I met at church and started dating when we were 20 and in college.  We went to separate colleges, so the weeks apart were tough and we lived for the weekends.  Shanon now works as an engineer and has single-handedly supported our family for the past decade so that I could be a stay at home mom.

When I was teaching, I taught science for grades 8-12.  It was a small school district, so I was half the science department.  During my 3 years of teaching, I taught 8th grade science, physical science, biology, environmental science, AP biology, chemistry, and physics.  Each year I had 4-5 different preps. It kept me busy for sure, but I enjoyed the variety.  Much more than the science, I enjoyed the students.  The students were why I got up every day and did what I did.  I felt like I had an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.  Many of them I have as friends on Facebook now and I am very proud of a great many of them.  It is such a blessing both to have known them, and to see how some of their lives are playing out.

I quit teaching because I was pregnant with my first child, Mr. I, and I knew that I wanted to stay home with him.  Someone told me that “You can always work, but your kids are only little once.  There will be time for working later.”  I will not lie on this – it was HARD.  I missed the daily interaction with so many other people. I felt very isolated staying home with a baby.   It probably did not help that my car blew up a few weeks before I went into labor, so I did not have a vehicle at the time.  We had one very old and beat up car that my husband was using to go back and forth to work.  However, quitting my job and staying home with my babies was a decision that I would make 1000 times over again.  Many times the right decision is not an easy one, but it always pays off in the end.

My older child, Mr. I, has actually written a blog post for me. You can find it at “Ways I can be Kind – Written by a 10-year-old boy”  He is precious.  He has the biggest heart and he’s always thinking of others.  He is by nature a bit more cautious, but he is quite charming and is hardly ever at a loss for words.  Mr. I has a conscience like I have never seen in a child.  He is incredibly honest and  well-behaved.

My younger child, T, is 6 and started kindergarten this year.  I refer to him as my “Energizer Bunny.”  If someone is jumping on the couch – it’s probably him.  Never in my life did I dream that I would have to say “Heads are not for standing on. Please sit with your bottom on the couch,” So many times.  Ha!  T does not have quite the gift of gab as Isaiah does, but he is also very kind-hearted.  Despite his energy, he has a softer side too.  He is fascinated by babies and loves younger children.  T tries very hard to do what is right, but the other way that I refer to him is my “Curious George” child.  He does not exactly go looking for trouble, but it seems to find him.

T also has a speech delay, which I wish I had known more about when I had him.  Thankfully, after several years of speech therapy, and starting kindergarten, he has made some massive improvements.   If you, as a mother, have a gut feeling that something is “off” with your child, I suggest that you follow through and get it checked out professionally.  You are the expert on your child.  It is much better to get it checked out and hear “it’s nothing” than to kick yourself and wish you would have had something checked sooner.  (Speaking from personal experience here!)

As kindergarten approached for T, I began praying for guidance on what was my “next step.”  As hard as it had been to quit my job, staying home with the kids changed my world and me.  It was going to feel very strange and sad to have an empty house during the day!  I thought perhaps it was time to go back to teaching, but I was not sure.  I did a lot of praying and soul searching.  Then, yet again, we had something fall into our lap.

Jennifer and Shanon Dec 2017

An elderly family member had gotten to the point that she needed someone to help her.  We were asked if we would consider doing that since I was the only one in the family not obligated to a full time job outside the home.  After much praying and discussion, Shanon and I decided that this was what the Lord was telling me was our next step.  Totally NOT what I had in mind!  This was NOT the “job” I thought I was going to go back to!   However, it was the job that I felt like I was being called to do.  So instead of going back to work full time or even part time, I take care of her.

Without her, blogging would not even have been on my radar.  I needed a creative outlet. I needed a project.  Most of all, I wanted my world to be a bit bigger, I wanted some interaction with other people and I wanted to INSPIRE people again.  I wanted to encourage them, and help them through things in their ever day lives.  I wanted to remind them to not take the little things for granted and to be happy and content with where ever they were in their lives.  Contentment and happiness are journeys.  It is not a place that you suddenly get to and think “I like it here, I think I’ll stay here for the rest of my life!”  Life is ever changing.  Happiness and contentment are not something that just happens either. They have to be chased after and it is a continual quest to find them.  That’s where the name of the blog “Contentment Questing” comes from.